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Read DoT Corporate Plan 2016-2020

This Corporate Plan frames the roles and responsibilities of the Department of Transport outcomes for PNG.

Corporate Plan 2016-2020

Read the NTS Themes

Themes behind the National Transport Strategy.

NTS Themes

Transport Sector Report 2014-2016

First ever Transport Sector Report covers the progress of implementing the Medium Term Transport Plan 2014-2018 and the National Transport Strategy.

Transport Sector Report 2014 - 2016

Read the NTS Volume 1

A summary of the key points referenced in Volume 3. A full reading of the text in Vol 3 is recommended to appreciate the full context and intent of Vol 1 Strategy Summary.

NTS Vol 1 - Strategy Summary

Read NTS Volume 2

A short to medium term action plan for transport policy, institutional development and the transport legislative program.

NTS Vol 2 - Medium Term Transport Plan

Read NTS Volume 3

This includes background information profiling the transport sector and providing more detailed discussion of policy and institutional issues within the sector.

NTS Vol 3 - Detailed Strategy

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