The Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP) provides committed funding through to 2017 for security works, upgrading of airport runways to F100 standard, and other priority works at the national airports.

CADIP also provides committed funding for air communications, navigation and air traffic management systems grading.

View projects under CADIP implemented by the National Airports Corporation (NAC) here.



Over the next five years, the focus will be on developing an easily accessible sea transport system to stimulate economic activities in the rural maritime regions and improve the efficiency of international shipping.

Maritime Projects

The Government will continue its investments in rehabilitation, maintenance, reconstruction and upgrading programs on the National Road Network, construction of economically vital missing link roads; and design, reconstruction and upgrading of bridges.

Road Projects

The Government will focus on connecting remote isolated regions that are hard to access by road and at the same time providing a safe, secure reliable cost-effective air transport system to promote economic growth.

Air Projects