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Since establishment of the Unit, TSPU has initiated some programs, and undertaken some project/activities which some are still ongoing, and some are just being completed. 

1. DoT(TSPU) is a member of Joint Border Committee is part of senior officials to implement the Plan of Action of the Comprehensive Partnership between PNG and Indonesia especially in paragraph (O) Border Security, (P) Trade and Investment, and (Q) Border Connectivity. Border Liaison Meeting and Joint Border Committee Meetings have being attended by the Staff in Medan and Bogor respectively this year to achieve the outcomes of the action plan. Some of the outcomes are:

  • Developed draft MOU for facilitation, regulatory alignment, and standardized measures on Transport Security at the Border especially at Wutung
  • Moratorium (ban) on Motor Cycles used to cross the border at Wutung Border Posts, and
  • Impose ban on Small Craft Usage between Vanimo and Jayapura.
  • Developed Transport Security programs/ measures to compliment, and assist Border Security Agencies.

2. DoT(TSPU) is a member of the Asylum Seeker Task Force with PNG Immigration Service in collaboration with the Australian Immigration including policy dialogue under the Regional Resettlement Scheme to fast track the outcomes of the Asylum Facilitation on Manus Islands and the proposed Detention Center at Jacksons Airport. In consultation with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA PNG), National Airports Corporation (NAC), and National Intelligence Organization conducted risks Assessment for facilities at Jacksons Airport, and regulatory approval was given to build the facilities with land allocated by NAC.

3. DoT(TSPU) is a member of the Task Force to develop the National Security Policy (NSP). The NSP was completed, and endorsed by the NEC in November, 2013, and a copy is now made available.

4. DoT (TSPU) is a member of the Whole of Government Task Force for the APEC 2018 Meeting especially in the Committee for Safety and Security which is Co Chaired by Minister for Defence and Police. TSPU was involved in drafting of Terms of References with the PNG APEC Secretariat, Defence, Police, and other security agencies to implement the APEC Ops Plan 2018. 

5. TSPU completed development of baseline document as a “start” on Transport Security Policy, and draft is in circulation for comments and additional inputs.

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