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Most RTIDD programs are centred at supporting Rural Transport Infrastructure Development and Services to providing access to basic service delivery in the country.

Following are the programs that the division play coordination role to oversee the provincial and district transport project within the main areas of the division’s main focus which falls within the sections, more specifically on;

  1. Rural Airstrip Program
  2. Environment Program
  3. Planning Program ( Economic Plan, Transport Infrastructure Plan, Transport Investment Plan, Transport Maintenance Plan)
  4. Rural Construction Industry Program
  5. Airfield Program
  6. Maritime Infrastructure Program
  7. Franchise or subsidy Program
    • Rural Shipping Service
    • Rural/Remote air Service
  8. Small Craft Regulatory Program
    • Marine
    • Aviation
  9. Community Engagement Program
    • Community Development
    • Gender Equity & Social Inclusion (GESI) program
  10. Rural ICT Program
    • Rural Transport Asset Management System
    • Rural Transport Data Management System
    • Integrated Geographical Information System
    • Web Site Development integrating the Department Mandate

With these programs, RTIDD is providing a link between the Policy Makers (National Department of Transport), and the Implementers (Provincial Government, District Development Authority (DDA), LLG, WARDs) at the sub-national level. These programs are implemented directly at the sub-national level through the Provincial & Local level Services Monitoring Authority (PLLSMA).


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