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Enlargement of the National Road Network

Progressively, as public roads are rehabilitated, upgraded or newly constructed, they will be selectively transferred from provincial to national ownership under the management of DOW, except where roads are transferred directly or at a later date to the NRA. The MTDP target is for 25,000 kms of public roads to be in national ownership by 2030 which will be the benchmark, along with the five year target points for monitoring achievement. This is expected to result in approximately 17,000 kms of public roads under DOW management by 2030, and a residual 12,000 kms in provincial ownership.

NRA Assumption of Responsibility for the Core National Road Network

Progressively, the core road network, comprising the most heavily trafficked rural roads, as they are brought up to maintainable standard, will be transferred to the management of the National Road Authority (NRA), which will fund the ongoing maintenance from road user charges. NRA will also be responsible for later upgrading and for rehabilitation/reconstruction of these roads at the end of their design life. The core road network corresponds approximately to the NR roads and certain of the NM and ND roads as presently numbered in the DOW inventory, although there will be a need to assess roads on a case-by-case basis for suitability for inclusion within NRA’s responsibility with regard to the need to meet upkeep costs from road user charges revenues. Some of the missing links, as and when constructed, may become part of the NRA responsibility if of sufficient functional and traffic importance. The MTDP expects this process to be completed within 20 years, and the MTDP targets will from the baseline for monitoring achievement.

Provincial Road Network

Provinces will be responsible for the public road network not under national ownership, expected to reduce from approximately 20,000 kms in 2010 to 12,000 kms by 2030 and to be concentrated on lower hierarchy access roads and local urban roads. This reduced responsibility is more in keeping with the funding provided through inter-governmental funding arrangements and the capacity of the provincial administrations.