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The Land Transport Division of the PNG Department of Transport is entrusted with the responsibilities of administering, implementation, coordination, enforcing, controlling

and monitoring the statutory functions and the public land transport operations, which are governed and guided by the department’s Vision, Mission and Value statements.

The purpose, functions, roles and responsibilities of the Land Transport Division (LTD) within the Department of Transport (DOT) include:

•   To provide reliable, safe, affordable, comfortable and effective land transport facilities, services and systems for the communities;
•   To ensure that the provisions of Land Transport Services are economically efficient, technically safe, well integrated and able to meet the demand;
•  To promote accessibility, traffic management and efficient circulation, address environmental issues like exhaust emission, pollutions and reduce the frequency and severity of road accidents;
•   To ensure safe and efficient use of the nation’s roads and harmonization of user services and conditions;
•   To ensure compliance and conformity to maintain standards, technical specifications and legislations; and
•   To collect regulated road user fees, penalty fines and Land Transport regulation levies.

The Land Transport Division:

•   Administers the Land Transport Legislations;
•   Formulates and implements policies relating to Land Transport Services;
•   Supports Road Safety and Traffic Management;
•  Provides support services and technical advice to the National Land Transport Board, Central Agencies, Provincial Governments and Community on Land Transport Services issues;
•    Collects revenue through road users charges, fees and penalty fines for the government; and
•    Encourage the expansion and efficient provision of land transport services facilities and systems.

Land Transport Division (LTD) is headed by a First Assistant Secretary who is ably assisted and supported by two (2) Assistant Secretaries and over thirty (30) staff members .

The Division’s office accommodation is located at the Progress Auto Machinery Compound at Gordons in between Unagi Oval and Gordons Market along the Poreporena Freeway in the Nation’s Capital.

The Division is responsible for the operations of four (4) Regional offices which include; New Guinea Island Region based in Rabaul, Momase Region based in Lae, Highland Region based in Mount Hagen and Southern Region which is based in Port Moresby.