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The establishment of the Rural Transport Infrastructure Development Division (RTIDD) was to promote the development of sustainable transport infrastructure mainly in the rural regions of Papua New Guinea because these are the areas deprived of such infrastructure.

The RTIDD establishment is also to provide leadership to the provinces and to sectoral agencies to ensure that the infrastructure needs of rural and remote regions are included in transport sector development activities.

The division will make sure that these regions fully participate in the benefits of the economic development of the country which are consistent with Vision 2050 and the MTDS as a result of improved transport infrastructure.

Rural Airstrips Section

Most places in PNG are very remote and isolated, lacking two or three components of the transport system. Therefore, access to these places can only be through aircraft. The objective is to link these remote places to main service centers so that people can have access to basic and vital services and participate in the economic sector to sustain themselves.

Another objective is to extend air transport and communication networks through interaction among PNG societies.

Maritime Section

The objective for this section is to help disadvantaged communities along the PNG coastline and river communities by subsidizing shipping services to open up access to markets and other basic services for the people.

Also the section is responsible for reviewing and reporting issues and events concerning small craft safety, search and rescue and oil spills to the Secretary and Minister of Transport.

Community Development

The purpose of the Community Development Program is to generate awareness among communities in the catchment area of the opportunities provided by the rural airstrips and maritime infrastructure services under the Division and ensure that the target communities are actively engaged in the maintenance programs of jetties and airstrips.

The team also seek to encourage and promote gender equality in participation and access to rural transport services.