The Department of Transport provides ministerial advisory services and policy and planning input to the air transport sector. The Air Transport Division (ATD) of DOT is responsible for the negotiation and administration of international air service licensing agreements for overseas carriers to provide services into and through Papua New Guinea. ATD is also responsible for issuing air services licences to carriers.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is the principal regulatory agency in the sector and is responsible for safety certification of air operators, aircraft, aircrew, air traffic controllers and airports. It ensures that PNG complies with international air safety conventions under ICAO.

PNG Air Services Ltd is the SOE responsible for providing, maintaining and developing air navigation and airways services infrastructure, comprising ground and satellite-based navigation systems and management of the upper, middle and lower airspace, including overflying. PNGASL also coordinates aviation search and rescue.

National Airports Corporation (NAC) is the SOE responsible for the provision, maintenance and development of the 21 national government-owned airports, including aviation security, airport fire crash and rescue services and control of ground movements of aircraft and other airport vehicles and equipment.

The Accident Investigation Commission (AIC) is responsible for the investigation of the circumstances of air accidents on a “no-fault” basis with a view to future prevention.